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Not seeing what you are looking for? Email us @ or via Facebook at the bottom of the page
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What a brilliant and Nerdy idea - Plus cool stuff.

Mike New Products Ramblings

Ok, So I guess I'm easily impressed but I still think this was pretty clever. 

We recently received stock of our new merch lines, its not something we had previously focused on however a new supplier, new lines and some really cool stuff we thought why not, you guys love a cool item as much as we do. 

For our first set of items we played it safe and dived into the Grim Dark, that is Warhammer 40K to the uninitiated - BANE VOICE " But we are initiated" - sorry i couldn't resist :)

Anyway along side the really cool bag, various mugs and bowls we got these high quality note books, Chaos and Sigmar obviously. (I know Sigmar is not actually the Grim dark but... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

The note books function as a standard lined pad however the cool point, the one that impressed my inner nerd is the space for your Warhammer stats. On the far right page are 4 check boxes per line , these are designed for your army or unit stat blocks - maybe these are your 4 key character stats? your most referenced weapon stats? alternate character load outs? its really up to you what you use them for.

Even if you don't write up army lists it still functions as a very handy 'To Do' Note book - rather than just a Yes or No to the task completion that typical note books Utilize, you can create your own custom RAG status (Red, Amber or Green) have another box for Urgent or maybe as "Is there a Deadline?" its entirely up to you.

Either way these are a very useful book and I thought that was pretty cool. Come check these out in store and watch this space for the next sets of merch we get in (Game of thrones anyone .....)


The Consulting Gamer

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