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Hi everyone, so it’s taken us a little while but Mike has been busy getting this site up and running and I’ll not argue there are still things to do but those of you that know us, know that we are both normally hard at work (and probably playing games) at the store in Ashford, Kent.

Anyways, what I want to start with is Hello and welcome to the new site!

As an introduction we are a tabletop gaming centre in the Southeast of England. We are enthusiastic about our hobbies whether it be Magic the Gathering, Final Fantasy TCG, Board Games, D&D, X-Wing or another; we do play them all in store.

Miniature and Board Game nights are every other Monday, fortnightly Tuesdays and Thursdays sees campaigns for RPG’s, Alternate Tuesdays are Magic Pauper nights, Wednesday is open to all card games and you’ve guessed it we host Friday Night Magic.

Explore the site, see what takes your fancy and if you can, come down and see us in store, there may be some treasures that are only available in there. You’re welcome to come in and say “Hi”

Thanks for reading and happy Gaming


The Consulting Gamer

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  • Andrew Montford on

    Can you let me know if you run any D&D evenings (assuming COVID rules allow of course).

    Kind regards

  • James Crust on

    Hi, I emailed you (consultinggamer@outlook.com) last month as we have a problem with the fury of dracula game we purchased from you, just wondered if you had received it? Thanks, James

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