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International Women's Day

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An equal world is an enabled world 

International Women’s Day was first celebrated in 1911, can you believe it? Well I think it’s about time we celebrated it right here. 

If you don’t really know what it’s all about have a read of it over on their website: 

To celebrate I wanted to share with you some of the fabulous games that women have designed: 

  • The early version of what became Monopoly was “The Landlords Game” designed by Elizabeth Magie 
  • Elizabeth Hargrave – Designer of the beautiful game that is “Wingspan 
  • Eldritch Horror – Designed by Nikki Valens, along with Corey Konieczka  
  • One of our favourites “Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective” One of the designers was Suzanne Goldberg, along with Raymond Edwards and Gary Grady 
  • Ok, Dixit wasn’t made by a woman but the Illustrator (a very important part wouldn't you agree?) is: Marie Cardouat 
  • Co-designer of Space Cadets: Sydney Englestein  
  • Rena Nathanson along with her father created the cool little game “Bananagrams 


So in honour of international Women’s Day we could just offer a discount on the games that have had input by these and other women but I think it's far better to celebrate in EQUAL style: So today we are offering 10% off across our website... I am a woman after all and as this is my site, it counts...  


Let's also have a quick look at a couple of notable females I love in games.. before you say I missed someone I did say a couple ;) 

One last thing, I want to end with a Thanks: Thank you to all the women in past and present day who are truly trying to make a difference or who have made a difference. We also need to thank all the men out there doing the same 😊   


Offer available from Sat 7th March to Mon 9th March (min purchase £5) automatically applied in the basket 

INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY is Sunday 8th March 2020 

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