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Diana New Products

I’m always on the lookout for new things to stock, one because I like new shiny, colourful things to look at (yes, I am a magpie). But I also love getting new things that we don’t see every day, especially down here in Ashford.

Which brings me to this blog:

How many times have you been in a card shop looking for an interesting card and thought these were too generic, they were somewhat boring? Plenty right?

So, when The Nobel Artist reached out to us on Facebook, I was super happy!

I’ll tell you why…

The Nobel Artist, otherwise known as Jamie, is a digital artist from Sussex. He has provided art for several projects and has his own range of Hero Master greeting cards.

He has made a commitment to bringing board game and RPG fans an alternative to their friends and family. Why send a boring card when you can customise your very own character sheet card. Or how about the “Meeple Couple” card for the gaming couple?

They are all on our site so have a look and add a couple to your basket for that next occasion


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