Time for the Sisters

We’ve all waited some time for the Sisters of Battle or Adepta Sororitas to be released in plastic by Games Workshop but they are here now and look amazing! 

Like many of you, I still have all my metal miniatures but I, unlike most of you probably, haven't played any 40K in some time; I know I should and for that I am sorry but I’ll be building my new Sisters, painting them and putting them onto the field to take on the heretics as all good Sisters should. 


As it’s December and I’ve been in the shop, I haven't yet started to build, but I have had a look through that gorgeous codex from the Sisters of Battle Army box – did you get yours? (At my last check we had one box set left so take a look at the product lists!) 

Once I start building and painting, I’ll upload some pictures. I’ll then invite you all to some games so watch this space! 


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