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To Crown an Empress

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Let me start by explaining something; four of us decided to make a regular habit of playing Twilight Imperium. If you know about Twilight Imperium you know its not as easy task as it’ll take literally all day to play! If you don’t know about Twilight Imperium well then, it’s time for you to look it up (after this blog of course) and get some friends to play!

Our first game a month or so ago saw Mike take Victory with the Humans “Federation of Sol” and he became our first winner; also got a poster made up for him in order to show off… I mean to announce his win and for us to keep track of course.

We also decided that to make things fair we couldn’t play the same races as before and keeping a random choice from 3. Our game started with: The Nekro Virus (NV played by AT), “Embers of Muaat” (EoM played by MP), “The Emirates of Hacan” (EoH played by MW) and my choice “Ghosts of Creuss” (GoC played by DP).

The first points were scored by GoC and EoM no one on Mecatol Rex yet and we played probably 3 rounds before the NV entered the Mecatol Rex system but couldn’t land. There were all four of surrounding the system although the Trade Cats of EoH blatantly declaring he didn’t want the Planet as he is happy Trading and earning Trade goods… His long-term plan in action already and the results will show this. I made clear I wanted the system even though the NV did say he couldn’t land and only wanted to be there a turn how can I trust the Virus that’s philosophy is “The Final step of all craft. The Gate to eternity. A Transcendency to a state of being that can only be described as godhood ? 

I decided I should remove him straight away and claim the system. Even though I had given AT my ceasefire promissory... It just meant I had to wait a turn, but it declared my intentions, so I needed to be ready for a retaliation.

Once my victory point was scored the Nekro Virus retreated a little which made way for the EoM to claim Mecatol Rex despite him and I supporting for the Throne, I didn’t mind too much as he would lose a Victory point and looking at the scores so far I wasn’t too worried, what I was worried about was losing so many ships so I retreated without a fight, I mean he had two War Suns… TWO! 

Despite three of us going at each other and leaving the EoM to themselves he was scoring as many victory points as us, so we needed to pay a little more attention to him without getting on his wrong side as he was supplying us with much needed trade goods. I need to hand it to MW he played the race vey well at one point easily had over 20 Trade goods!  

To cut a 7-hour story down the 3 guys did some maths, realised that I could win next turn so all decided to turn on me their new strategy destroying me so I couldn’t win. Realising this was also a difficult task as I controlled the race that made the Flagship a Delta Wormhole, I could go pretty much anywhere I wanted…within reason. What they also did not know although suggested it I had a secret objective that I could score in the action phase... I needed to destroy the last of a ship in a system with PlanetarDefence Systems. Perfect set up: I’ll explain: 

A round or so ago the trade cats wanted a planet, to secure for an objective, I didn’t resist, he was only sending a little fighter to claim it, we had a ceasefire agreement and the planet was within my little group under my control. However, when I realised that I didn’t need 2 turns to win because of my secret objective I decided to use my Four (upgraded) PDS that surround this planet and destroy his ship securing me a victory point.  

All I had to do was keep something alive until the end of round, which I did scoring another public objective giving me the win. 

The most exciting thing was watching the guys realise I could win in two turns and absolutely turning on me. I played my own game; I didn’t really go to war... Yes, I was the first to attack, yes, I was the first to go back on a ceasefire too; but I couldn’t let the Nekro Virus control the galaxy, right? 

I totally recommend Twilight Imperium, looks like lots going on but you soon get used to it, the 7-hour game time flies by as its so enjoyable and there is always something going on… I also have the Crown now... Can I keep it? 

An addition…. 

Hi guys! AT here, Nekro Player. Reading back its interesting to see what could have been. The entire game I had actually been gearing up to attack Mike, whose two war suns were giving me heart palpitations. I even had a hand of action cards that I was reasonably confident would “wreck his shit” to use a phrase. 

So around the time everyone was at the 2-5 point mark (with me lagging behind) I was gearing up to finally launch my death struggle with the EoM. It would be bloody and “victory” might cripple my military, but I could rebuild. Unfortunately, it was around this point that Mike pointed out we needed to attack Diana. This threw my plans into chaos and everything went downhill from there. I had to focus on Diana, who was in exactly the wrong place for me to attack seeing as all my best ships were positioned to attack Mike. All I had bordering GoS was some cruisers, which Diana promptly blew out of the sky. It didn’t help that I had spent most of the game politically isolated with no real friends on the map and a serious lack of trade goods. When the final points were scored, I cam dead last 1 point behind Mike. In retrospect I should have risked an early war against EoM and then blitzed his home planet, but that’s TI I guess!) 

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