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Big changes are on the way in Magic: The Gathering's Next Expansion War of the Spark.

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Wizards of the Coast are beginning to ramp up support and coverage ahead of Magic: The Gathering’s April expansion, War of the Spark 

The most recent addition to the Magic reveals is a beautifully animated cinematic trailer that launched over the weekend.  

Fans of Linkin Park will recognize a haunting rendition of their classic “In the End” while Planeswalker Liliana Vess unleashes her hordes of Undead against Nicol Bolas, an Elder Dragon, one of the franchises most sinister villains and also the last being with power over Liliana’s fate. While all previous sets on Ravnica focused on the ten Ravnican Guilds this set will focus on the culmination of the Bolus Arc simply using the world as a backdrop. War of the Spark has been dubbed an "event set", meaning it is built around an event rather than the plane itself.  

In a big change of pace for Wizards of the coast War of the Spark’s most surprising feature will see Magic: The Gathering’s largest collection of Planeswalkers cards to date. 

If you have not been following Magic; The gathering for the past 10 years Planeswalkers are some of the most powerful cards in the game (except Tibalt), the War of the Spark expansion will include a total of 36 Planeswalkers. On top of that, one will be included in each and every pack. (that’s actually 39 Including the Buy a Box Promo and +2 in the Planeswalker decks) and boy do some of these look fun.  

Uncommon Planeswalkers do not feature plus loyalty abilities but do all have game state effects, Mythic Rare Planeswalkers also feature inbuilt game state effects as well as a host of new abilities and triggers. And Bolus – oh my God, Bolus - Nicol Bolas, Dragon-God has all loyalty abilities of all other planeswalkers on the battlefield!!!!! 

Every way you look at it, these are big changes, both to the game and the existing meta. Actually, this drops a sledgehammer on the existing meta, everything that worked before can be undone by different abilities and triggers of the new planeswalkers. Entire decks, combos and Tribal abilities can be dismantled. 

Sounds like fun to me.  

And on a final note - I think Vivien, Champion of the Wild’s artwork is one of the best-looking Magic cards they have ever printed.  

War of the Spark Pre-Release events are taking place in store on 26th, 27th and 28th April. Limited spaces available at each event so book in advanced. 


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