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Indomitus - 9th Edition of the Grim Darkness

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It's (almost) here, 9th edition of the Grim Darkness of the far future. Will you crush humanity beneath your boot/talon/tentacle* (*delete whichever is inappropriate) or will you stand as humanity's last line of defence against the darkness.
Introducing Indomitus.
Firstly, that trailer.
Love the Sisters and love to see them getting centre stage with this release. This incredible video ticks all the boxes for things we love about the 41st Millennium – high-stakes combat, an Imperium being crushed on all sides, heroic warriors standing together against the odds. And it’s all set against the backdrop of another destroyed imperium planet.
Pete Foley head of warhammer had this to say:
"I really can’t wait for the new edition of Warhammer 40,000 to get into our hobbyists’ hands. We’ve been working on this for such a long time, listening to what the community wants, and doesn’t want, from the game and the galaxy. With all that information and a few exciting new developments, I believe we’ve made the game better than it’s ever been"
The new edition works seamlessly with all existing codex (es)? and Psychic Awakening books, which is particularly important as we still have three more Psychic Awakening books to go! Furthermore they were all written with the new rules in mind, so you can explore these dark new events knowing all your existing rules will work when the new edition finally arrives.”
Did you catch that.... All existing codex books work with the new ruleset. No need to shelve them just yet.
And Another Thing…
This is probably the most eagerly anticipated news to come of out the announcements, finally at long last there with be a Warhammer companion app to collect the rules and stats for your models into one, official, easy to use, place.
This is going to be the most comprehensive digital support any warhammer game has ever had. Expect to find an army builder, rules for your collections, and more.
Whenever you buy a 9th edition codex, you’ll get the digital rules for that codex in the app for free.
It’s a brave new world, and the light of humanity flickers in the encroaching darkness. Will the Emperor's forces prevail or will the light of the Astronomican be extinguished forever...
We have limited stock (shipping in the first wave) available for preorder here 

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