Tanks Starter Set
Tanks Starter Set
Tanks Starter Set
Tanks Starter Set
Tanks Starter Set
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Tanks Starter Set

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Tanks is a quick, easy-to-learn, small-scale game, where you take command of a tank platoon, seeking to destroy your opponent’s tanks and secure victory. This starter set is the perfect beginning for you and a friend to collect a force each and learn the rules in an epic tank VS tank battle game. Expansion with additional tanks will be released in future expansions. Now Roll Out!

This set is for 2 players with a game running length of about 30 minutes.

Contents of the set includes:

A 20-page Rulebook
3 Plastic Tanks (1 Panther, 2 Sherman)
12 x Dice
16 x Movement/Destroyed Tokens
28 x Damage Tokens
4 x Objective Tokens
2 x Measuring Arrows
40 x Tank Identification Tokens
2 x Cardboard Forests
4 x Cardboard Houses
22 x Tank Cards
16 x Crew Cards
7 x Hero Crew Cards
16 x Upgrade Cards
32 x Damage Cards

Ever wondered what it would be like to command an entire force of tanks and devastate your enemy’s forces as the colossal behemoths roll across the battlefield with the thunder of their battle cannons roaring to life. TANKS is a flexible game with lots of ways to create a finely-tuned army that fits your play style. The game is fast and furious, do-or-die. In half an hour, you can pick your tanks and crew, upgrade them to your specifications, defeat your enemy (or die trying), and be ready for the rematch!

Through the pouring rain, you can just make out the smoke billowing from your platoon commander’s tank. You are next in command. As if on cue, the radio buzzes. Corporal Stevens, always the cautious one, wants to retreat and regroup. But you know this is your time to strike. The enemy thinks they’ve got you on the run, got you cornered. It’s time to show them what happens when you poke at the hornet’s nest.

It’s time to lead your men to victory!


Models are Unassembled and Unpainted.

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