Scythe: Game Board Extension
Scythe: Game Board Extension
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Scythe: Game Board Extension

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It is a time of unrest in 1920s Europa. The ashes from the first Great War still darken the snow. The capitalistic city-state known simply as “The Factory,” which fuelled the war with heavily armoured mechs, has closed its doors, drawing the attention of several nearby countries.

Scythe is a board game set in an alternate-history 1920s period. It is a time of farming and war, broken hearts and rusted gears, innovation and valour.
The board extension slides next to the back side of the standard game board, creating a complete board with 70% bigger hexes (the content is the same). All units and resources in Scythe are kept on the board, so the larger hexes provide more space. The standard game board is 624x818mm, and it grows to 818x939mm with this extension.

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