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Kaldheim - A world Tree view of the new mechanics.

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Have you familiarized yourselves with the new mechanics of Kaldheim? 

Unleash the power of Kaldheim as a war for the sagas rages between demons, giants, and shapeshifters. Prove your worth and save the World Tree from chaos. The time has come. Raise your axe. 

Inspired by Norse mythology, Kaldheim encompasses ten distinct realms, each with its own inhabitants, cultures, and magic waiting for you to discover.  

These are the major mechanics that await you. 


Do you want to see the future, what would you do about it if you could?  

Foretell allows you to set up the future you want to happen, then watch it come to pass. Any time during your turn, you can pay [2] and exile a card with foretell face down. Then, on a future turn, you can cast that card from exile by paying the foretell cost  

Behold the Multiverse

Remember you can't cast it on the same turn you exile it. However, foretelling is a choice, you can always just cast the spell as normal if that works best to pull your plans together. 

Foretell casting a spell from exile uses all the same timings the spell normally has. If you foretell an instant like Behold the Multiverse, you can cast it as soon as the next turn. If you foretell a creature like Augury Raven then typically it will be ready to cast on your next turn.  

Augury Raven

Foretelling a card has several benefits, the most obvious being that you get to spread out the overall cost over a couple turns. The foretell cost is usually cheaper than the mana cost.  

While In exile, you must keep your foretold cards clear, remember Adventures? Unlike Adventure cards your opponents won't know what the cards are, but they'll know which card you foretold first, second, and so forth. At the end of the game, if you still have any foretold cards in exile, reveal them to all players so they know the future you foretold.


Introducing boast abilities. A boast ability is an activated ability that can be activated once a turn, but only if the creature that has the ability has attacked that turn. The Gods of battle revel in the sounds of combat. 

Varragoth, Bloodsky Sire

Boast abilities can be activated during combat or even after combat—any time in the turn after the creature was declared as an attacker. Unfortunately, this means a creature entering the battlefield attacking won't allow it to boast. 


Modal double-faced cards were introduced in Zendikar Rising, and they're back for another go. Rather than transform, these cards let you play either of their two faces. 

Halvar, God of Battle Sword of the Realms

The gods of Kaldheim and their chosen equipment give you great versatility. Halvar stands ready to lead your forces into battle, but what if the situation calls for a giant sword?  

The rules for double-faced cards haven't changed. If you're casting one, you choose which face you're casting. The same is true for playing a land face. If you're putting one onto the battlefield without playing or casting it, you get the front face. Speaking of land faces, Kaldheim completes the popular "dual land" cycle started in Zendikar Rising. 

Darkbore Pathway Slitherbore Pathway 


Kaldheim has ten distinct realms, so there's plenty of room for a lot of awesome stuff to come back. 


At least one or two of those realms are winter wonderlands. Snow is a returning type that's found on all sorts of cards. Snow doesn't really do anything by itself, but it can be referred to by other cards. 

{S} is the snow mana symbol. A cost of {S} can be paid by any one mana from a snow source. Some of the most popular snow sources are the returning "Snow-Covered" basic lands. 

Frost Bite Snow-Covered Island


As always across the Planes of Magic epic things are going on, so, naturally the cards tell these epic stories.

Showdown of the Skalds

Sagas are enchantments that have multiple triggers, They enter the battlefield with a 'lore' counter, which causes the first chapter's ability to trigger. At the beginning of your first main phase, add a lore counter and trigger the next chapter. After the Saga is complete, sacrifice the Saga. 


Kaldheim is home to Elves and Dwarves, Humans and Giants, and more than a few beings who are all of the above. Changeling is a returning keyword ability that gives a creature or creature card all creature types. 


In Kaldheim who will you become?  


If you want to see more then check out the original mechanics breakdown by Matt Tabek at 

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